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KISA is Melbourne-based

Kisa Pty Ltd is a Melbourne-based technology startup established in mid-2013 by three entrepreneurs who were struggling to find a simple mobile phone solution for their family. They felt that even the simplest mobile phones on the market were too complex and assumed users were capable of using digital menus, touch screen interfaces and audio commands. At the most basic level, all of these phones assumed the user could read.

That’s how the idea to create the KISA phone was born.

The KISA phone is the first mobile phone in Australia that can finally make mobile technology affordable and accessible to everyone. The phone has been designed in conjunction with the community and several major associations including those supporting the disabled and vision impaired. The KISA phone will appeal to parents with young children, the visually impaired, those living with reduced physical abilities, or anyone wanting a simple and easy to use mobile phone.

As a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), the KISA team are pleased and excited to also be launching the simplest mobile phone plans available in Australia - exclusive to the KISA phone.

Meet the KISA co-founders

KISA phone co-founders
(from left to right):
  • Dennis Volodomanov
  • Dmitry Levin
  • Leon Kosher

Mission statement

Our vision is to create a simple, easy to use mobile phone service and finally make mobile technology accessible to everyone.

We aim to achieve this by assuming nothing, consulting with the community, using first class technology and providing outstanding Australian-based customer service.


We aim to make things easy for you

As part of our philosophy, we have optimised our website to adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which makes it easier to use both by people with limited vision and those using screenreader software.

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