Mobile phone for children

KISA - the perfect phone for kids

  • The perfect phone for kids too young for smart phones
  • Control who your kids can and cannot call
  • No Internet, texting or camera
  • Dedicated SOS button (emergency services)
  • Light enough to be worn
  • GPS tracking service to locate the phone and your loved one, at any time
  • Easy for kids to learn and use
  • Made to order with fun and colourful designs
  • Very light design with a lanyard provided
  • Customise KISA with contact information and allergies
children using a mobile phone
grandmother with a mobile phone
  • Buy the KISA phone from as little as $288 with your first month's network access included
  • Easy to understand mobile phone plans
  • Safeguards in place to help you prevent bill shock

Quality Support

The Melbourne based KISA support team knows how kids use mobile phones

No Contract Plans

Flexibility to move between plans based on usage

Community Based

Designed in consultation with Australian parents

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Keeping It Simple for Anyone

KISA phone is an ideal mobile phone for children who are too young to use smart phones. It is perfect for parents who wish to protect their kids from cyber-bullying. It has no Internet access, no SMS and no camera so it will not be considered a distraction at school or on the playground. Its sole purpose is to make sure that you can always stay in touch with your children.

KISA phone is colourful, lightweight and fully customisable with pre-set contacts to control who your kids can and cannot call. Your child will always be able to reach you with a touch of a button, and you can customise the phone even further with relevant medical information such as allergies and blood type in large font on the back. As an additional safety feature, KISA phone has a dedicated SOS button that will dial Emergency Services. Our regular spend alerts will help you monitor your kid's monthly spend and avoid bill shock.

KISA phone makes your children safer and gives you peace of mind because it is fully customised for your child which makes it pointless to steal. It also prevents your children from being exposed to cyber-bullying and trolling.

Your child will appreciate being able to reach you at any time and you will feel confident that you can stay in touch with your loved one using his or her own KISA phone!

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