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What is a KISA phone?

The KISA phone is a simple to use phone that has been personalised for the person using it. The final assembly and manufacturing of each KISA phone is done in Australia at our Melbourne, Victoria location.

  • Who would use a KISA phone?

    The KISA phone was designed for the use of anyone who struggles with modern mobile technology. People who have never used a mobile phone, who struggle with navigating the menu system of conventional phones, or people who suffer from physical or mental disabilities that make them unable to use the mobile phones currently in the market.

    The KISA phones are also a perfect starter phone for children as it does not have gaming features, or access to the internet. The KISA phone can only dial pre-programmed numbers, preventing your child from dialling unauthorised numbers.

    The GPS features of the KISA phone make it a safety phone for both young children and elderly relatives suffering from Alzheimer’s.

    The KISA phone was designed in collaboration with Vision Australia and comes in bright colours with optional raised buttons and can also be printed in Braille, making it ideal for the vision impaired.

  • What makes the KISA phone easy to use?

    A combination of easy to push buttons, and personalised settings, helps customise the KISA phone to the user’s individual needs.

    The large, tactile, easy to see buttons; lack of a confusing menu; and clearly labelled call/end call buttons make it less confusing for people who struggle with current mobile technology. All numbers are pre-programmed, and contact buttons can be labelled with a picture, making it usable even to people who are not able to read.

  • Can the KISA phone be used as a safety device?

    The KISA phone has a dedicated SOS button on the back panel which connects the user directly to emergency services. The back panel can also be printed with emergency contacts, medical conditions, or allergies- information that can save a person’s life.

    The GPS features of the phone also makes it easier to locate a missing child or an elderly relative.

  • Is the KISA phone easy to carry around?

    The KISA phone is 59mm wide, 114mm tall, and weighs only 95 grams. This makes it comfortable to handle and carry around, even on a lanyard around your neck.

Personalising the KISA phone

KISA phone services

Porting Mobile Numbers

  • Transferring my mobile number to KISA – what do I need to know?

    When you purchase KISA Phone with a SIM card, you can choose to keep your current mobile number or get a new one. If you want to keep your current mobile number, we can transfer it over to the KISA network in a few easy steps.

  • When can I transfer my mobile number?

    We can only transfer your mobile number within these operating hours:

    Monday-Friday – 9:00am-5:00pm (AEST/AEDST)

    Saturday, Sunday and public holidays (in state of Victoria) – you can submit your order using KISA website Contact Us form but the transfer will start the next business day.

  • What do I need to transfer my mobile service to KISA?

    Before you can transfer your service to KISA, we will send you an SMS as part of the Pre-Port Verification process. The number that you want to transfer to KISA needs to be active with your current telecommunication provider at the time of transfer. You will be able to use your existing service during the transfer process, and once it is complete, your old service will be automatically disconnected.

    To transfer your number to KISA, we will ask you to provide details about your account with your existing provider, including:

    • The mobile number you want to transfer
    • What type of service you are transferring fr om (either a service with monthly billing (Post-Paid service), or a Pre-Paid service)
    • For services which are billed, we will need your telecommunication provider’s account number (you can find this on your most recent bill)
    • Your date of birth (if you have a Pre-Paid service, it is important that your date of birth is the same with your current provider to avoid delays in transferring the number)
    • Your name and address
    • An alternative contact method (e.g. a different contact number or email address) where you can be reached during the transfer

    Common issues that delay transfers:

    • If the account number or date of birth you gave us didn’t match those with your existing provider it will delay your transfer. To finish transferring to us, you’ll need to:
      • Contact your current provider to confirm the date of birth or account number they have for your service
      • Respond to our text message and provide the updated details
    Once that’s done, you will need to restart your KISA Phone and you should be good to go.

  • Will I incur an early termination charge?

    When you move your mobile number to KISA, the provider you’re switching from will cancel your mobile service with them. Once your current provider does this, you may have to pay them an early termination charge when you transfer to KISA.

    You may also have to pay any remaining device or accessory payments you have outstanding with that provider. It’s a good idea to check with them before ordering your KISA Phone.

  • Is the process of transferring my number secure?

    Yes. In line with new telecommunications regulations, we’ve updated our fraud prevention measures to help stop anyone from trying to transfer your number without your permission.

    We’ve added an extra security check to our online ordering process. If you’re transferring your number to KISA, we won’t complete the transfer until we know it’s you.

  • I think that my number has been fraudulently transferred to KISA, what can I do?

    If you think your mobile number has been fraudulently switched to KISA, please contact your previous service provider and speak with them about reversing the transfer.

International Customers

Lost, stolen or damaged phones

In case of loss or theft, please contact the KISA support team immediately. We will temporarily suspend service and arrange for the manufacture and dispatch of a new phone for you. There will be an additional charge for remanufacturing a lost phone.

In case of damaged KISA phones, please contact our support team to arrange for phone return and repair.

Managing your account online

  • What is the "MY KISA" portal?

    When you first purchase a KISA phone, you are asked to create login details. These login details are used to access the "MY KISA" portal.

    The "MY KISA" portal gives you the ability to view your invoices, make changes to your account, and change your phone settings remotely. If you subscribe to GPS tracking, you will also be able to track the phone through the "MY KISA" portal.

  • How do I log into the "MY KISA" portal?

    To log into the "MY KISA" portal, simply click the "MY KISA" tab at the top of the webpage. You will then be taken to a page that asks you to input the username and password that was set up during the creation of your KISA account.

    You can reset your password by clicking "Forgot my password?" link. A link to reset your password will be sent to your email address. Be sure to check your spam/junk mail folder if it doesn’t arrive in your inbox.

    You can change your password in the Account and Billing section in the "My KISA" portal. If you forgot your current password, click on Forgot password? link on the Login page and follow the advice.

  • How do I make changes to my KISA account?

    To make changes to your account, log into the “MY KISA” portal using the username and password you set up when you ordered the phone. You can then choose to make changes to your phone settings or your account information.

  • How can I check my invoices?

    To check the balance on your account, choose "Account & Billing" after logging into the "MY KISA" portal, and choose "View Invoices".

  • How can I check my usage?

    To check usage go to "Account & Billing", choose "Services", then click on "View Usage".

  • Can I add another person who can call on my behalf?

    Yes, in order to add a nominated contact you will need to fill in a form located here, Once completed please sent it by:

    • Email -
    • Postal Mail - KISA, PO Box 331, Moorabbin, Victoria, 3189, Australia

    If you want to add an authorised person over the phone please make sure that you have the following ready before you call:

    • Name of the Authorised Representative
    • Date of Birth
    • Home / Office Address
    • Email Address
    • Contact Number
  • Can I remove an authorised representative?

    Yes. Please follow the directions given for adding an authorised representative to edit any contact details on the account

  • How do I change the settings on my KISA phone?

    To change phone settings, log into the "MY KISA" portal, then go to "Manage my KISA phone". From that page you can opt in for remote access to the KISA phone settings in order to update phone numbers or change phone settings.

  • Can I change my ongoing payment method?

    Yes. You can change your ongoing payment method by logging into your “My KISA” account. After you logged in click on the “Account & Billing” tab, then click on the “Payment Method” tab. You can select your ongoing payment method to be Credit Card (VISA or Master) or Direct Debit from your bank account.


  • What is a magnetic phone charging cable?

    A magnetic phone charging cable is a simpler way to charge your KISA phone. It eliminates the hassle of plugging the cable into the phone. It comes in two parts, both with magnetic tips that snap into place when you move them close together. The first part is the small connector that plugs directly into your KISA phone and stays plugged in always. You will not even notice it. The second part is the cable which also has a magnetic tip that will now effortlessly connect to your KISA phone by simply placing it close enough.

    Please note that if you are using the magnetic charger, you do not need to use the charging cradle. The two charging options are not compatible.

Troubleshooting the KISA phone

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