GPS Tracker for Kids

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GPS Tracker for Kids Australia

Parent with confidence with the ability to login to your secure KISA account to be reassured of the location or your children. Being able to login and check on their location when they are not with us can provide valuable peace of mind.

Easy steps to locate your kids

  • Get reliable tracking information to locate your children quickly and easily.
  • Every 15 minutes the KISA phone gathers its location from the satellite network and sends that information through to our secure servers.
  • Your kids information is kept secure and confidential login via our ap or our website.
  • Simply click one of the listed dates and times to view a map showing where your kids were at that time.
easy to use gps tracker for kids
child friendly gps tracking service

Why do I need a GPS tracker for my children?

  • Support your children’s independence while having the reassurance of knowing where they are.
  • You can still pick them up, even if they aren't sure where they are.
  • Don't panic if you lose sight of them in a crowd.
  • GPS gives you the ability to quickly locate them in emergency situations.
  • Relieve some of the stress of shared custody arrangements.
  • Be confident in the knowledge that they are where they should be.

Caring for children can be a fraught experience. We love them and wish to keep them safe while also wanting to encourage them to be confident and independent. There can be many situations where we need to know that they are in a safe location without making them feel babied or as though they are not trusted. This is where the GPS tracking service that can be activated on the KISA phone can be so valuable.


kisa phone gps 15 dollars per month

The GPS service is only $15 per month and mobile data is included on KISA plans.

We believe it is a great feature to have for your peace of mind, so we decided to offer you the first month free of charge with the purchase of your new KISA phone.

Locating your KISA phone

KISA mobile phone location marker

Locating your KISA phone is as simple as logging in to your KISA account by visiting

The last known locations of the KISA phone will be shown on an easy to use Google maps interface.


How can GPS tracking help me with my kids?

There can be many reasons why we may need to track our kids it may simply be for our own peace of mind, we may live in an unsafe area, your kids may be travelling alone to get to school or there could be custody concerns. With the GPS tracking service on the KISA phone you can keep an eye on your children’s movements quickly and easily.

Support your children’s independence travelling to and from school.

Due to your work hours you may need your children to get themselves to or from school. With the GPS tracking on the KISA phone you can confirm that they caught the bus on time and have successfully arrived at home or school. If they missed the bus or accidentally caught the wrong one and not be sure where they are, with GPS tracking you can check their location and easily pick them up.

Even if your kids have taken all the right steps public transport isn't perfect, buses or trains can run late causing them to miss a connection. Should they end up stranded due to public transport failures you can have the security of knowing where they are so that you can make other arrangements.

Allow your children to choose their own path.

Some children can be less focussed than others. Despite having the best intentions, they may dawdle or wander a little, taking the long way home rather than a more direct route. Sometimes it can be tempting to visit friends or favourite stores on the way home. With the KISA tracking service if they are a little late you are able to check in and see if they are on their way so that you need not worry.

Take your kids to busy locations with confidence.

Occasionally when you are with your kids at a busy location like the Zoo you may accidentally become separated. With the GPS tracking service on the KISA phone you can confirm that they have not left the park and head to their location. You can even call them to remind them to stay where they are until you have found them.

Keep your children’s information secure and confidential.

On the rare occasion your children might actually be in a potentially dangerous situation, there may be custody concerns or other family issues. In these cases, it can be important to be able to monitor the location of your kids and restrict the number of people who can access their information.

The GPS tracking service on the KISA phone allows you to monitor the safety of your childen without being overly clingy or controlling. Confidence, reliability and security the KISA GPS service gives you all three. The KISA GPS tracking service can be applied to any KISA phone whether it is on one of our phone plans or with another provider. Simply contact the friendly KISA team to arrange GPS tracking today.

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