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We are excited when someone talks about us, because it means we are doing something right.

Vision Australia commends the KISA phone team for seeking input to improve accessibility for people who are blind or have low vision, and we look forward to having a further opportunity to evaluate the prototypes when they are available.

Bruce Maguire

Vision Australia

In 2013 three Melbourne-based entrepreneurs came up with a new idea of making mobile phones more accessible for the wider community

Startup kisa creates innovative mobile phone for the elderly and disabled.

Tasnuva Bindi

It is fantastic to see KISA develop a product in consultation with blind and vision impaired people, rather than dictate what we should have. Older Australians will also find this phone a real life saver.

Steve Hurd

Guide Dogs Victoria

Melbourne company KISA has developed a phone that makes and takes calls. No touchscreen, no texting, no camera, no social media and no complicated set-up.

Katie Cincotta

FairFax Media

An 'easy to use' mobile phone has been developed to make mobile communication accessible to everyone – particularly the elderly and those with low vision.

The world’s lowest-tech mobile phone has become a must-have gadget for seniors.

Troels Sommerville

Moorabbin Glen Eira Leader

KISA phone refines basic phone design for elderly and blind.

Seamus Byrne


A specialised phone that keeps it simple but still useful, you may know someone for who this handset will be perfect for.

Farrha Khan


Aimed at both the elderly and younger kids, it has large buttons, no screen and only a limited number of contacts which can even be identified with symbols or pictures.

Martine Oglethorpe

KISA team are chosen as one of the 10 entrepreneurs creating next generation hardware products.

Mat Beeche

My hat off to KISA team for bringing out a product with such crisp and clear ties to its niche user needs. What a fresh change from a "see what we can do!"philosophy in product development to "what would you like us to do?" You have taken the time to ask your potential users what they want - and you have listened. The result is not only a product that is unique and desirable but also an impressive head-start in customer relations.

Dr Eugene Aidman MAPS Psychologist and Human Factors Specialist

It's the best phone for elderly people who can't manage a mobile phone. With the NBN coming its unsafe for my parents to be without a phone should the power or NBN drop out. The Kisa phone provides the security that they are always able to contact the family and emergency services.

Christine Lynch

TRUSTPILOT/Christine Lynch

Everything is easy! It’s the best phone for kids and older people! Easy and safe! There is info with the address too and GPS.

KISA is one of the few companies that I have found recently to provide immediate, polite and accurate ongoing support. I've contacted them a couple of times for advice and found the staff to be completely interested in us and wanting to help however they could.

Roderick Allen

GOOGLE/Roderick Allen

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