Send medical and other reminders via a phone call
Available to KISA phone customers only
Create, manage and deliver reminders easily
Simple to set up
Convert text messages or voice messages into automatic scheduled calls
Easy to use and friendly online interface
Arrange recurring reminders for peace of mind
History log to keep record of activities


Here at KISA, we're on a mission to help people live better, healthier and easier lives through accessible technology. That's why we're excited to announce the launch of another simple and easy-to-use service for our customers - KISA reminders.

As a carer, a lot of time is spent managing your loved one's needs and ensuring their well being and safety. KISA reminders take one less stress out of your life and frees up your time by sending scheduled phone call reminders to someone you care about.

This service can be used, not only to send health and medical reminders, but useful messages for other things in daily life.

Seamlessly complementing the simplicity of the KISA phone, the reminder service is a great way to keep connected with your loved ones, while keeping them safe and well. *

* While KISA makes every effort to deliver reminders as requested, please note there may be unforeseen circumstances beyond our control where we are not able to do so.

'Don't forget to take your heart medication', 'your doctor's appointment is at 3.30pm today', 'have you done your exercises for the day?' or 'don't forget to feed the cat' are just some of many ways to make the most of KISA reminders. There are many more!!


As part of our aim to Keeping It Simple Always, we've kept pricing on the reminders straightforward. Phone call reminders can be yours for:

Number of included recurring phone call reminders Up to 5 reminders per day Up to 10 reminders per day
Monthly cost $25 $40

A Service For Our Loyal Customers

Just a quick message to let you know that the KISA reminders are only available to KISA clients. This means the service is only available for people with a KISA phone! It's just another way for us to continually improve what we offer our dedicated base of customers.

If you have a KISA phone already, simply log into your portal and add the reminders service to your existing plan. It's that easy!

To buy a KISA phone and start accessing the reminders, simply click on the button below.

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