KISA Supporting NDIS participants

KISA is designed for people with intellectual and physical disabilities. It provides simple ability to reach out in case of emergency and ability of being GPS tracked for safety and security

Ability to reach out in case of an emergency

KISA is designed to help people with various physical limitations, it has easy to press large mechanical buttons for people with limited dexterity

KISA was developed with large, easy to read print, high contrast colours, dedicated emergency services button, and customisable raised tactile buttons including and raised rubber bumps

KISA can also be manufactured with Braille text on the buttons for easy recognition by people who can read Braille. Each button is limited to maximum of 3 Braille characters per button

KISA is also designed for people with wide range of cognitive problems and brain disorders. It is so simple to use that getting in touch with your loved ones is as simple as pressing one button

GPS tracking for safety and security

KISA provides reliable GPS tracking ability. The device will gather location information and transmit it to KISA's secure servers 24/7. GPS tracking information provides great peace of mind for the carers, family members and health professionals. Historic location information can only be accessed by individuals with KISA Account login details

KISA Approved for NDIS Participants

Over the years KISA has helped thousands of NDIS participants increase their independence, give them confidence and their loved ones a peace of mind by providing the ability to connect in case of emergency.
KISA has been a registered NDIS Service provider since 2014
Registration Number is 96153614

KISA NDIS Package, what's included

Made to order KISA emergency communication device with any optional extras

No confusing menu, making it as simple as possible to stay in touch and be able to reach out in case of emergency

Large tactile buttons, making it easy to read the contacts name and simple to dial by pressing big buttons.

Ongoing support by KISA, changing and updating details on the device, adjusting the settings to suit NDIS participant’s needs and communicating with stakeholders for smooth operations and support

Unlimited ability to reach out and to be contacted in case of emergency

24/7 GPS tracking of the device through KISA website and My KISA App

KISA provides complete GPS tracking services for you and your loved one, providing instant access to an individual's location in case of emergency. We offer one of the best and most accurate personal GPS tracking systems in the industry, empowering you and your loved ones to live life more confidently and independently, no matter your condition age or limited ability

Additional Included Features

Low Battery Warning - An SMS can be sent to a nominated family member indicating that the KISA device battery is low. This eliminates the stress of the end user having to worry about when to charge the KISA device

SOS SMS option - An SMS can be sent to an authorised contact advising them that the SOS button has been activated. This can bring peace of mind to the end user, carer and family knowing that when their loved one is in trouble, they will be notified

SOS GPS position SMS - Sometimes it is not enough to know that SOS function has been activated, but it is equally important to know the location of the person. As part of an SOS SMS KISA can include an embedded link to the GPS position where SOS function has been activated.

Ability to deactivate or redirect KISA SOS button. If it's not appropriate for the NDIS participant to call emergency services, KISA SOS button can be programmed to call a different number or it can be completely switched off or KISA will require a request in writing from the account holder to switch or redirect KISA SOS button.

Disconnect timer – An automatic disconnect timer is built into the KISA device. This timer is designed to protect the KISA Emergency device user if they forgot to hang-up in the outgoing call. It is automatically set to 15 minutes for non-emergency outgoing calls. This timer is designed to protect the KISA Emergency device user if they forgot to hang-up in the outgoing call.

Auto Loud Speaker – There is the ability to program the KISA device to switch on an automatic loud speaker. This can provide easy communication option for people with limited dexterity or thous who are not able to hold KISA Emergency device in the hand or to the ear.

Any Button Answer – Having to remember to press the answer button can be challenging for many of our clients, this setting gives the ability to be able to press any button on the KISA device to accept a call

Ability to prevent accidental dialing by changing the button press setting – For the prevention of accidental calls there is the ability to change the number of button presses it takes to dial out

KISA NDIS Package is approved under the following Support Budgets

KISA NDIS Package is considered as Low Risk Low Cost Item

Support Budget: Assistive Technology
Support Item Name: Mobile Phone with Voice Output and Enlargement
Support Line Item Number: 05_222406258_0113_1_2
Support Budget: Consumables
Support Item Name: Daily Adaptive Equipment
Support Line Item Number: 03_131_0103_1_1

KISA NDIS Package cost is $924 per year
KISA NDIS Package will continue to be billed annually until it is cancelled

KISA NDIS Participants funding can be managed three ways

Agency Managed (NDIA Managed) – KISA will claim directly through NDIS

Plan Managed – KISA will work directly with your Plan Manager

Self-Managed – Payment will have to be made via Credit Card, Direct Debit or EFT. KISA will issue an invoice for the reimbursement by NDIA

Agency Managed NDIS Participants

If your funding is Agency Managed – please go through the ordering process by clicking “Start NDIS Order” on this page.

We recommend for the Account Holder to be a carer or a family member, not an NDIS participant.

Once we receive your order, we will make service booking directly through KISA/NDIS Provider Access Portal and will communicate with you if required to make sure everything is processed correctly.

We will manufacture and dispatch your KISA NDIS Emergency device once the Service booking is successfully processed.

Plan Managed NDIS Participants

If your funding is Plan Managed – please go through the ordering process by clicking “Start NDIS Order” on this page.

We recommend for the Account Holder to be a carer or a family member, not an NDIS participant.

Once we receive your order, we will arrange an invoice to be sent to your Plan Manager and will communicate with you and the Plan Manager if it is required and to make sure everything is processed correctly.

We will manufacture and dispatch your KISA NDIS Emergency device once the Invoice is successfully processed.

Self-Managed NDIS Participants

If your funding is Self Managed – please go through the ordering process by clicking “Start NDIS Order” on this page.

We recommend for the Account Holder to be a carer or a family member, not an NDIS participant.

Once we receive the order, we will contact you to get a payment method and to process payment.

When your payment is processed successfully we will send you an Invoice that you can use to get reimbursed by NDIA, we will also manufacture and dispatch your KISA Emergency device.

KISA NDIS Package is also approved under the following Support Budgets

Comms & Info Equipment
CB Daily Activity
Assistive Prod-Household Task
Vision Equipment
Assistive Equip-Recreation
Personal Mobility Equipment
Assist Prod-Pers Care/Safety

Empowering people with limited ability

KISA has been designed with input from organisations like Vision Australia, Guide Dogs Australia and Dementia Australia. The purpose of the design was to help individuals with various limitations, illnesses or injuries to reach out in the case of emergency and be able to be reached in case of the emergency. For many of our customers using ordinary communication devices that are available on the market is simply not practical.

KISA Team constantly strives to find a better way to give our clients an increase in their independence and give loved one’s peace of mind.

With input from specialists in the field; KISA has developed a unique device that includes large mechanical buttons, large easy to read print, dedicated emergency services button and the ability to reach out for help with the press of just one mechanical button.

Having the ability to get reliable GPS tracking information 24/7 provides a sense of security knowing that your loved one is safe.

With twelve designs to choose from, KISA can accommodate most individual tastes and needs like struggle to read or use ordinary device with screen and digital menus. The large sized font used on the device also helps many users navigate the contact buttons easily and effectively so they can confidently reach out to the right contact when needed.

Having the ability to display images as contacts give our clients confidence in knowing who they’re contacting without having to necessarily read the contacts on the buttons, remembering a face or an image is all it takes for the customer to be able to reach out to the right contact and at times it makes all the difference in case of emergency.

Who we work with

What people says about KISA


Ben's Experience

Ben love's to chat . Often, it’s difficult to pick that he was born with an intellectual disability that gives him the perspective of an 8 year old.

For years, Ben struggled to feel like an adult, living at home with his parents, without a job, a car, a licence, or even his own mobile phone. The KISA phone has changed all that, opening Ben’s world up to newfound freedom, experience, and social contact.

He now lives independently in a flat in Preston. He has carers who help steer him through everyday life. He swims, he goes on group outings, he has his own computer and television, and he stays in regular contact with his family.

Tony, Ben's father says KISA has been life changing in a way that simply wasn’t possible with other devices...

“This invention has had a huge impact on Ben’s life. He now has a routine of weekly activities out in the community, swimming, walking, and over the weekend he is between his family or on events run by St John of God.”

KISA has given Ben his freedom, and normalised his place in the world, which is perhaps one of the most empowering achievements for those battling a disability.

Sharon's Mum

Winner! Bought one for Mum. She is sight impaired and was having lots of dramas with her landline courtesy of the NBN! She can see her contacts easily on the front of the phone, can charge it easily each night and takes it to the pokies with her so she can contact us if need be.

Kim's Mother

My fit 89 year old mother was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's & Dementia following a fall which she fractured her tibia. Mum was waiting for an hour down the street till she saw someone she knew!

Following her recovery the Kisa phone has given mum the confidence & comfort of continuing her passion for a walk safely. It has also provided our family with a great reassurance as it travels with her wherever she goes & is there at home if she needs.

Kisa has given mum a priceless source of freedom for which we are eternally grateful. A special thank you to LEON, who went out of his way to assist with the connection


Our daughter has down syndrome, and we chose the KISA phone for her because all models of "normal" mobile phones we were able to look at were far to complex for her to understand or operate.

We had some reservation about the look of the phone, fearing that she might find it too different from phones she had seen others using, or even that she might consider it babyish. In the event none of this happened, she took to it immediately and continues to use it a great deal. She is proud of it, shows it to all who visit our home, and takes it everywhere with her.

We chose a prepaid SIM from another provider to obtain an unlimited call duration, and this has proved essential as she talks at length. The phone has been a timely boost to her self esteem, and is a tool that allows her more freedom. She is now able to walk to the park on her own, as long as she takes her phone, and this is a major step forward into a more independent life.

Ray's Experience

Ray has an intellectual disability. KISA empowered him to become independent. Ray would put KISA around his neck and just became part of him.

He had photo tiles of all 8 siblings & a best friend on his KISA device, all he had to do was press the photo tile to call and keep in touch. This made for all us to know Ray was happy, sad, what was going on in his life, he always rung everyday - sometimes a few times in the day.

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